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Professional Elderly Care

professional elderly care

Elsi Smart Floor reduce injuries, utilises nursing tools for providing proactive care, leads to cost savings and much more

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Elderly Care at Home

elderly care at home

eLsa Activity Sensing allows for living longer in a home-like environment without major renovations

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Electronic Pricing Solutions

electronic price labels

Cut time spent on pricing and reduce theft. Combined with the Intelligent Fitting Room, the shopping experience is taken to a new level  

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LED Guiding Systems

led guiding lights

With more than 20 years of Research and Development in intelligent lighting technology, we are the leading global supplier of intelligent lighting systems for Guiding People.

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Professional Elderly Care

Elsi Smart Floor answers today’s requirements for nursing homes, where the requirements include: reduced injuries, improved nursing tools for providing proactive care, improved safety and security of the residence, unmet needs that can lead to behavioral disturbances, cost savings and much more.

Elsi Smart Floor is invisible, which makes the apartment look like a normal home. Residents and relatives do not get the impression, that they are at a nursing home or a hospital.

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flooring for elderly care

senior care home layout

Elderly Care at Home

eLsa Activity Sensing is a wireless system, which easily can be installed without making major renovation or changes to the private home. The fall detector can inform a relative of a fall, and the solution make it possible for the end customer to modify or upgrade the system with any of the eLsa Accessories.

All eLsa accessories can easily be installed in rooms/apartments, meaning the resident is not required to move out during the installation

eLsa Activity Sensing can also be installed in existing elderly care homes where any major renovations are not schedueled.

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activity sensing in private home

elderly care home activity sensing

Electronic Pricing Solutions

MariElla Labels offer electronic pricing solutions for retail stores as well as fashion stores. Light weight, energy efficient, and good-looking without attracting unwanted attention it is the best solution for many stores.

EllaRetail offers different kinds of paperlike price labels: for example our 4-color shelf label covers a lot of pricing needs, but also the postcard and A4-sized price labels come in handy in many occasions.

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EllaFashion Solution is an attractive choice for most different environments; from an exclusive boutique to outlets and anything in between.

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electronic pricetags and esl

MariElla pricing solution

LED Guiding Solutions

With the highest IP rating (Stripe and Panels are IP68 - waterproof and dustproof), the MILS® system help guiding people on a daily basis or in emergency situations.

The MILS® system is suited to all business sectors, such as marine, buildings, land transportation segments, mines, manufacturing plants, warehouses and shopping and sport complexes etc.

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guiding lights

led guiding in marine

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